Sponsorship Brokerage

Sponsorship Brokerage

Attracting and retaining corporate support is a specialist skill not always available in-house for charities. Collective Spark is able to facilitate introductions, negotiation and the subsequent management of sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Brokerage

As charities and non-profit organisations compete for limited sponsorship funds, it is essential that they are at the forefront of sponsorship matters to ensure they remain competitive and successful.

By engaging Collective Spark as your sponsorship partner, you will have alongside you an experienced team able to fully manage all elements of the sponsorship equation, including but not limited to:

  • •  Strategy
  • •  Planning
  • •  Execution
  • •  Review

Our custom charity sponsorship service is designed to ensure even the smallest of organisations and community groups can benefit from comprehensive sponsorship support and funding.

Could we be the link to sponsorship funds?

Let us facilitate introductions, negotiate offers and management your sponsorship opportunities. Contact us to learn how.